It’s the business of sleep

So you have bought the motel or have owned/leased it for a while now… let me ask you a question!…

Have you ever stayed in one of your own motel rooms?


Have you? After all, you are in the business of sleep so it is important to “test drive” what you are expecting your guests to experience. So on a scale of one to ten –

How do your motel beds rate for guest comfort?  

How would you know if you haven’t spent a night in one or all of your motel rooms at some point and experience it as a guest? Sometimes you have to put yourself in your guest’s position and just have a try it out.

Both my husband and I have separately spent a night or two in each one of our motel rooms.  Taking note of everything we experience e.g appearance, light, what the room looks like with all lights are off while you’re lying in the bed?  Any noises?

The following morning, we think about how we slept, and ask ourselves questions e.g was the bed comfortable? Are the curtains dark enough to block out any lights from outside? Are the bedside lamps within reach or do you have to stretch? Can you read by lamplight or not?  Take note of what was you experienced and note any problems found. Can you fix it? Do you need a plan to increase or enhance guests comfort?

Adopt a rule of 3 for reviews, comments and feedback from guests

If you have one comment, ok, so you just can’t please everyone if the same comment appears again – take notice and start to formulate a strategy. If the comment or issue gets mentioned for the third time, rule 3 comes into play.  The rule is simple  – fix it!

This strategy works! why? Because it provides a first-hand look at any problems that need to be addressed and lets you see, experience and rate your guests comfort personally.  The importance of guests comfort should be on the mind of any manager/owner of a motel big or small, especially when you are in the business of sleep.

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6 ways to update motel rooms your guests will love!

6 easy ways to update your motel rooms that guests will love!

ways to update motel rooms

6 ways to update that guests will love

Ok so you have bought a regional motel or you are not getting the occupancy that you’re used to. Perhaps you are seeing a common theme within your online reviews.  Now is the time to update.  Below are 6 ways to update the motel rooms that guests will love and keep them coming back. (more…)

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First Impressions matter when coming from a guest perspective

First impressions matter when coming from a guest perspective

So many guests that book a motel room have changing expectations in line with the price they have just paid.  The more they pay the more they expect, the cheaper they pay the less they expect and finding that balance isn’t so hard to do, give your guests great first impressions and they will thank you…..

So what do you do to make guest think “wow” when they first walk in?……..


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Motel management must change to suit guests in today’s digital landscape

As the digital age has taken shape a newly empowered guest has evolved.  In order to survive motel management must take these guests into account and provide them with enhanced experiences accordingly or face extinction. Their power certainly lies in the many ‘C’ words that the digital landscape we now live in has provided them.

Digital Darwinism is described by futurist and digital analyst Brian Solis as ‘the phenomenon where technology and society evolve faster than the organisation can adapt.

Change with the times or watch your bookings disappear
Many traditional businesses unable or unwilling to embrace the digital age have been either destroyed or disrupted as technology evolves.  It is apparent only those who are asking themselves the question “how can we do this better?” will survive.
Motels embracing the digital tools used by the consumer during their decision-making journey are gaining online bookings whether direct from your website or other online booking agents.
So many small motels have websites, but a guest is unable to book on them.  Many only have a “contact us” page, where the guest can leave their name, dates and contact details and is expected to sit and wait.

Guests today, are time poor, multi-tasking and require instantaneous results. Waiting for someone to call them or send an email back is now seen as a waste of time.

Guests want to book and book their accommodation now and not later in the day when you decide to call them or send them an email.  They are equipped with their own technology and know how to use it.  Today, guests are booking more online because they can achieve their desired result immediately.  Once booked the confirmations flow through to the inbox, and everything is sorted in a few clicks.

Society is now mobile and we communicate with more and more people in more places in more ways.

Mobile phones have certainly made us more reachable at any time of the day or night not only making communicating with each other easier, they also give us another option to do more in our day to day life.

You no longer have to be in the “office” or at home in front of a computer to make a booking, you can be at the supermarket, kids school or cafe having lunch with friends the result is immediate

Are you keeping up with the changes? Are you making it easier for your potential guests to book in ways, and at times, they suit them?  (more…)

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