6 quick



update your

motel rooms that

guests will love

Ok so you have bought a regional motel or you are not getting the occupancy that you’re used to. Perhaps you are seeing a common theme within your online reviews. Now is the time to update. Below are 6 ways to update the motel rooms that guests will love and keep them coming back.

Bedding your guests will love

It’s the first thing guests look at and take notice of, it will set the tone for the guests.

It is the elephant in the room. Guests will check beds out and if they don’t look clean, then they start looking closer at everything. 

Change/upgrade bed linen to white.

Consider a commercial laundry to supply linen, no matter what you do, your linen will never come up as white as a commercial laundry can get it.

It looks fresh and guests can see its clean. 

Top sheeting over plain white quilts then add a bed runner and scatter cushions for those pops of colour.

Guests Bedding
Guest will love fresh white linen with pops of colour. A quick way to update a motel room

Curtains and window treatments

Curtains can change the look of a room instantly. Think about removing the lace curtains if possible – yes they are there for privacy, however, most guests check in the late afternoon or in the evening and will draw the curtains closed anyway. Those who arrive during the day will walk into a room that’s bright with daylight, not dark and gloomy. New curtains will make the room look fresh and ready-made curtains look great. Consider hanging them from above the window frame to the floor it will give the impression of taller ceilings and make the room look bigger not to mention a more modern look.

Guests will love the new decor

Add some decor items, guests will feel like they are at home. Coloured glass vases, display plates for table centrepieces, baskets, the options are endless and readily available. Choose items that you would have in your own home, things you would like yourself. One big thing to remember, don’t break the bank! Decor doesn’t and shouldn’t be expensive, you can pick up great pieces with online sales, department stores also change stock constantly with the seasons and usually have marked down items. Make smaller features by grouping items together. Odd numbers working the best, display items in 3 or 5’s and mix and match. Shop at home you might be amazed at things you would find in your own home that will look great when mixed with something new.


So you haven’t got time to repaint the room, that is ok if it isn’t glaringly obvious that the walls need painting. Give them a clean and get some new artwork and not the old picture you would see at your grandmother’s house because nothing says more to a guest that you don’t care but had to put something up there on the wall. It doesn’t have to be painting start thinking outside the box, metal wall sculptures look great and modernise any room, think about adding some shelving, with some decor items on top, you will soon have a feature on a wall that guests will love.


In this the age of technology WiFi is an important part of a guests stay, update your WiFi and make sure it is working as it should be, then extend your WiFi codes to guests without doing any work. Frame the details and leave in the room for the guests near the television or on the desk perhaps. Guests will love that you are organised.

Guests will love that you are so organised. Extend your WiFi codes to guests without any work and frame the details, leaving it in the room for guests to find.

Replace old appliances

Renewing old appliances is a simply good idea to end with. Replace that discoloured kettle and worn out toaster with new ones. A new kettle and toaster will make a difference, even to a picky guest. Update the cups, glasses, plates and cutlery etc again don’t break the bank. Keep an eye out for specials at department stores. It shows that you care about things. Guests will love it.

None of these ideas are expensive to do and can be done over time. To the discerning guest, your room will show that you care about their comfort and you will be surprised how a guest will react when walking into a freshly updated room that reminds them of being at home. Your guests will love it