About Motelology

Motelology – a website about how to transform an older regional motel to reach its fullest potential. Optimising all facets of rooms, decor, guest experience, management, suppliers, staff and contractors. Dealing with and managing online booking agents and your online reputation.

Creating a better guest experience is the difference between just running a motel and a running a successful motel.

Motelology will teach you how to transform your motel into one of the best.

Learn how to provide a better than expected experience for your guests from the moment they enter your property to the moment they leave and ensure they will come back for the right reasons. Make sure your competitors will sit up and take notice.

Learn how to become a successful motelier and make your No Vacancy sign work harder than it has ever had.

Instead of being a follower you will be the leader in your area.

We let our own results speak for themselves.

  • Real Estate Sales working alongside my partner. Selling over 3 million dollars in property in less than twelve months in a small regional town
  • Staff Management across a number of industries.
  • Previously managed a resort in Qld under management rights scheme.
  • Achieved the highest review score (Booking.com) in the history of the resort while under my management.
  • The resort received an Award of Excellence from Booking.com while under my management.
  • Currently, I am an owner/manager of a Motel in Regional NSW.
  • Prior to purchasing in May 2016, our Motel’s review score was 7.2. The review score is currently 9.1 on booking.com
  • Diploma in Management

Some of my highlights

Completing a full renovation of our own 2 bedroom apartment from start to finish in 4 weeks, ready for a guest overbooking that couldn’t be changed.
There was no option to fail with this renovation. It had to be finished and ready for the guest who booked to arrive as this was a peak weekend for the area and every other motel and resort room had been booked well in advance so the option to relocate the guest.

This included a full bathroom renovation including installing a spa bath and installing a double vanity. The Kitchen renovation included a new benchtop, sink, cooktop and oven. Both bedrooms needed a makeover and not to mention the painting throughout the apartment. New furniture, television and white goods all had to be delivered and installed within the 4 weeks. Then the whole apartment needed styling for guests.

Selling 1.3 million dollars of Real Estate in 3 days

Plan, Plan, Plan. Set yourself a goal and take the steps to achieve it.

Enjoying spending time with my loving partner, friends and family.

Decorating and renovating.  I love renovating the rooms in my motel.  Whether it is a full renovation including the bathroom or just redecorating it. The thrill of transforming an old style motel room into something that guests love and feel comfortable in is so rewarding when you hear their comments.  Coming up with the ideas for each room is a whole lot of fun too!